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Linear Motors

Manufacturer: Nilab ,

  • NiLAB GmbH is a successful Austrian company focused on research and development, planning, production and distribution of linear systems in the automation industry. One of our strengths is the development of innovative products that meet the ever-changing demands of the market.In 2017, we expanded our product range with the miniaturized linear tubular motors. These score points with excellent results in terms of energy savings, speed and acceleration. The engine control is located for the first time inside the engine, which simplifies its integration into existing systems many times over. In addition, our mini motors have integrated diagnostic and safety functions and therefore meet the Industrie 4.0 standards.Our customers are mainly manufacturers of automatic machines from various fields: packaging industry, medical technology industry, semiconductor industry, portable devices etc.Our customers turn to us because we can score with a complete product range, from the largest to the smallest engine, with the quality of our products and their rapid availability around the world.



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