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Rigid & Flexible PCB

Manufacturer: CHEEMAU , CIPSA ,

  • Cipsacircuits, S.A. as is now known was founded in December 1982, but the real beginnings were others. In 1972, due to the low supply of electronic material that existed at that time, a company dedicated to the production of electrical components, decided to start manufacturing their own circuits, so one person was assigned to this task. The production process was completely manual and were manufactured about 30 m² per month, both single sided and double sided circuits (non-plated).Then a first major investment was made in machinery, staff grew to 6 people and production was considerably increased.
  • Chee mau expanded quickly internally and from customer side, Chee mau must get to manufacturing aspect in order to continue our first class PCB manufacturing service, as well as aggressive price.In the end of 2017, Chee mau invested in a major PCB manufacturing plant, who was also an important vendor of him, and then be the owner of this factory. It is a factory focused on 2-24 layers rigid PCB production, with over 700 employees at that moment. Next in 2018, Chee mau continued investing to two other PCB manufacturing plants, one is for flexible PCB making and another one for ceramic PCB making. Both factories were certified with Chee mau with top quality level in China and we get them into the Chee mau family. They are the trend and future of PCB industry by the new era comes.In 2019, Chee mau now runs three office in Chengdu, three PCB making factories in China mainland.



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